April 2011 Newsletter ~ Expressing Authenticity

Hello Wonderful Friends!!
I do believe that Spring has Sprung! And we are beginning to enjoy all the new beginnings available to us. Mercury is Retrograde most of April… so remember to back up your computers and get warranties for any new electronics LOL. I have a new Toll Free number for everyone that is not in the GTA and lives in North America. It is 1-855-444-SOUL (7685). For everyone in the GTA it is still the same 416-690-6391.

We need to learn to express our authenticity, the natural Soul Essence that is us. If we can look deep enough in our hearts, what we all seek is to be loved and accepted for who we are. Unfortunately, many of us were convinced that who we were, was not good enough. As a result, from our childhood onwards, we have not been authentic. We have tried to be someone we think everyone else will love. Authenticity is the freedom to remember who we are, by loving and accepting ourselves as we are. When you can uncover this love within you, you won’t be bound by what others think and feel.

Being authentic in all relationships is key. It must begin with ourselves and then move outward. It is primarily about the choices we make. Most of the time we are reacting from fear. How we were taught to love is often a result of manipulation and control. Most of our relationships center around love that has conditions, by fulfilling our wants and desires. For example, I will love you as long as you fit my fantasy “relationship”. Mark Borax talks about radical intimacy, where we trust our partners enough to grant us the power to show us what we are not ready to see about ourselves. Relationships have the ability to show us our shadows, and we can then choose to accept them as part of who we are. This allows us an opportunity to respond from a place of love, which can transform our shadows and allow us to be loved and accepted for who we are, not who we think we should be.

Unconditional love is what we all seek. Instead, we hide our true selves and try to be someone else. Then we feel we are unheard, unseen, we build resentments and slowly shut down. We keep ourselves distracted through our addictions, reflecting on our pain from the past and projecting our fears in the future. When we are in the present, we can be more authentic; this honors our Self and allows for healing to begin.

Self love means to become very conscious of all the “personalities” we have chosen. It is also about learning to choose to respond to situations from your authentic self, instead of unconsciously reacting from fear and our outdated behaviors. Relationships are where we learn the most about who we are, whether it is friends, family, co-workers or romantic relationships. When we choose to be authentic, we choose to love and accept ourselves for who we are. This allows our Soul Essence to shine, and allows us to fully live our lives keeping our hearts open.

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April is Expressing Authenticity month on my CBS Intuitive Soul show, you can email or call in your questions!! Join me for live Readings all month on the topics below!
Apr 6 Expressing Authenticity as Soul Essence
Apr 13 Self Love to express your Authenticity
Apr 20 Relationships to express your Authenticity
Apr 27 Romantic Relationships to express your Authenticity

Voices of Soul, with co-host Jean Adrienne and I is every Mon at 1pm EST. This is a dynamic show bringing the best of advice through my intuitive counseling and her Inner Speak Cards. We will have various discussions throughout the month!

Intuitive Soul Radio: Thurs evenings at 7pm EST/DT

Apr 14th – Dr Joan King, author of Cellular Wisdom, http://www.cellular-wisdom.com/

Apr 28th – Robert Bruce, author of The Practical Psychic Self Defense Handbook, http://www.astraldynamics.com

I am excited to be having Author Dena Saxer coming to Toronto to do a workshop on June 18 & 19. The workshop will be on: THE TAO OF LONGEVITY from 10 am – 4 pm. Learn to Rejuvenate blood, bones, joints, major organs, sexual energy through Tao teachings. She is Senior Tao Instructor Dena Saxer, M.A., trained by Mantak Chia; they have co-authored 3 books together (including Emotional Wisdom, listen to our interview Dena Saxer 25/03/10 Author of Emotional Wisdom). $250; after May 15, $300. Contact: me to get more information and book your class.

My Heart’s Way group will start more groups in 2011 to work through the 8 steps of my new program “A Heart’s Way: How to Align with your Soul’s Purpose and Manifest your True Dreams. Below is the 8 steps we will cover. Let me know if you are interested in Finding your Heart’s Way. Private coaching is also available for this program. Also, Jean Adrienne and I will be offering a 6 week Teleclass coming SOON on this great information!

1.Get Clear about what you really want.
2.Uncover how limiting beliefs/habits/stories hold you back and keep you stuck.
3.Live in Present Moment Awareness. Break through your patterns and reactions to be in charge of your responses.
4.Shift from your head to your heart with the tools that lead to acceptance, non-judgment and witness consciousness.
5.Practices that still the Mind, Body and Spirit. Hear the gentle guidance of the Heart.
6.Trusting your Intuition and your Innate Inner Guidance.
7.Begin to Express your Authenticity, the natural soul essence of who you are.
8.Align with your Soul Purpose, where you can feel more confident, empowered, and live from inner happiness to manifest your true dreams.

With Love and an Open Heart,